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Meet Mirela

Quantum Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Healer

Why Quantum Hypnosis?

All my life I've been in and out of the hospital. Doctors always fixed the physical, but as I found out later in life there are many shades of illness and without the right tools, you might never be able to get to the bottom of some of the issues.

As a teenage self-taught hypnotist, I dabbled with hypnosis in my student home, and with many willing students, I was learning many aspects of human conditioning. Fast forward to the present day, I didn't carry on with hypnosis when I arrived in the UK, but after working through most of my issues with an alternative practitioner, I felt that I wanted to help others in some way. I felt that my whole life I was being prepared for this and the reason that I had to experience health issues and go through life obstacles was to develop empathy and be able to help others in their life journey.


I have been divinely guided to Dolores Cannon. Reading many of her books has led me to realize that this is something that I have been guided to, that this is the modality of healing I am meant to do. I love the complexity of life entanglements that create this incredible picture of the divine you and your life as a whole.

Let's take a journey and discover what gems you are not aware of in your conscious life and what issues you need help with to help you uncover your full potential. 

Love & Light 


Your new life starts here


Past Life Regressions

Life Between Lives

Future Lives

Galactic Lives

Spirit Release

Hypnotic Healing

Meet Mirela

You new adventures starts here!

Time for Change...

Why Naturopathy

Why Quantum Healing?

It can help with

Dazzling Light

Past Life

Some of the present issues can be directly linked with past lives and karma that hasn't  been resolved and realised  not just yours but ancestral as well.

Life Between Lives

It can helps understanding spiritual perspectives, and certain aspect of your life and gifts, that can be brought back with us, to make it practical and solidify it in our  physical reality

Galactic Lives

Many of us are star-seeds and we spirit in nature. We have been on many planets, on different plans, dimensions and densities and can still suffer with same aspect as in the human form

Healing with the Superconscious & Spirit

With help from your team, we can do body and chakra scan to help us see if there are any blocks and in the need of the healing. 

Hypnotic Healing

During hypnoses your higher self is bringing you to point where healing is needed in your present life. Those issues might be physical, emotional and mental. Your higher self would never bring anything to service that you are not ready to handle and heal from. 

Spirit Release & Attachments 

Any issues in your life can welcome some unwanted guest that are seeking refuge and you have no awareness of them and they can bring more issues unless they are set free. 



“The experience is mind-blowing I felt so safe and protected with Mirela, and I found answers and healing to many parts of my life. I feel reborn”

— Victoria Xereé Soul

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Your Journey Starts Here

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