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The Secret to Quantum Hypnoses


Quantum Hypnoses is the tool to help an individual to evolve, heal, understand and discover themselves. Mind is a very powerful thing and we only use 12% conscious mind and 88% of the subconscious mind, we are not even aware of what is hidden in the depths of our mind. With hypnoses, it would unravel this thing that is stopping us from moving on.

There are so many things that make you stuck that feels like you can’t move on.

If you are here reading this, you have been divinely guided and ready to take a control of your life and help yourself in this transformation. We are in the school of life and through the Quantum hypnoses, your life can take a whole different meaning from being faced with very simple issues to the problems that might be tormenting you for far too long.

How does it work?
In the deep trance that you will be guiding yourself to your conscious mind is quiet and your subconscious mind or higher self will do all the work to bring you to the point where the beginning of the thread of the issues that are causing you the issues in your current life. You will be never shown things that you are not ready to deal with and will present you with solutions to any problem that you have.

What it can help with?
With Hypnoses we can go into past lives, lives between lives, galactic lives, meet our spirit guides, and our higher- self discovers any hidden treasures that are so beneficial for our transformation.
It can help with health issues and many of them are the cause of past lives, attachments, and lessons that your soul has decided to learn. Your higher self can see the subtle energies that reside or block the channels of the chi energy and it can lead you to form the healing that your body would benefit from. We are emotional beings and lots of that can cause your body to create illnesses by simply understanding the issues and your higher self can remove some of the negative energies your body would find a way to heal itself naturally. Some of the complex issues that can be helped with quantum hypnoses.

·    Chronic Pains Other aches and pains

·    Wounds from Sexual Abuse

·    Sexual disorders

·    Isolation / Alienation

·    Abandonment

·    Powerlessness

·    Grief / Sorrow

·    Clarify Sense of Purpose

·    Suicidal Thoughts

·    Guilt

·    Repressed Emotions / Memories

·    Fears / Phobias

·    Psychic Invasion

·    Low Self-Esteem

·    Physical Aliments / Illness

·    Obsessive Thoughts

·    Anger / Rage

·    Depression and anxiety disorders

·    Premenstrual symptoms (PMS)

·    Eating disorders

·    Personality disorders (Passive-aggressive & Obsessive-compulsive personality)

·    Head and neck pain

·    Back pain

·    Arthritis

·    Fibromyalgia

·    Skin conditions

·    Sinus problems

·    Asthma

Can Quantum Hypnoses harm you?


You are ultimately in control and your higher self would not take you anywhere you are not ready to handle and discover. The therapist is only a guide through this soul journey and helps you through an understanding of any situations that come through. Every hypnosis is self-hypnosis and meditation.

Contents of Quantum Hypnosis session
(3-4 hours total). It is done over the Internet via Zoom or in person.
You will be sent questioner to fill out to be able to know more about yourself and what you would like from the session.


Interview: We would talk about your life and issues that are in person current life that needs to be solved

Spiritual journey and transformation:


Deep trance Quantum Hypnosis
–Higher Self will choose the most appropriate and helpful memories that can be many things for you to experience, that is to do with the current issue
– conversation with Higher Self and asking them questions prepared by you


Debrief: We talk about healing and experiences that have come through the session and the connection to the

You will receive a video recording of the session to listen again for complete understanding and a reminder of the connection as often in a deep trance you don't remember the whole session.

I work for donations.


Will you take control of the life that is waiting on you just around the corner?

Book your free consultation. It takes about 15 minutes and is without any commitment.

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