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Mirela Ktori is a certified Quantum Healing hypnotist, not a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Therapist or Counsellor.  Hypnosis is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services or counselling.  Mirela does not prescribe, treat or diagnose any condition.  If you'd like help with a medical issue, please ask your physician for a referral for hypnosis.  If you are in psychotherapy or counselling, please consult your therapist or counsellor before engaging in hypnotic services.  If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, please seek addiction counselling recovery and/or rehab before incorporating hypnosis as a part of your recovery plan.  Hypnosis supplements and supports, but does not replace other healing modalities. 

"The services I provide are held out to the public as non-therapeutic hypnotism, defined as the use of hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. I do not represent my services as any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, by law I may make no health benefit claims for my services." - Mirela Ktori

QH- Quantum Hypnoses 

Please Read

Mirela Ktori is neither a trained psychologist or a medical doctor.  The client who requests and agrees to be hypnotized acknowledges that hypnosis is a potentially powerful mental and physical regulating tool.  The client understands that personal results will vary and there are no expressed or implied guarantees or warranties of results.  It is understood that QH is a self-healing modality, facilitated by a trained practitioner, and requires clients to be open to hypnosis and from time-to-time people are resistant to it.  The client is fully informed of the nature and the usefulness of QH. Further, the client is aware that QH is spiritually-based in nature and any information that comes through is coming from their soul (also known as "Higher Self," "Subconscious," "Oversoul," "Higher Conscious," "Christ Consciousness," etc.)  If the client receives information from their Soul regarding any lifestyle changes or changes in their health protocols, the client takes full responsibility and will take it upon themselves to consult their healthcare provider if the client deems necessary after their QH session.

Waiver of Liability

The client voluntarily agrees to be a subject of a Quantum Hypnosis session, which involves hypnosis, spiritual coaching and counselling, and past life regression.  Except in the case of gross negligence or malpractice, I and/or my representative(s) agree to fully release and hold harmless, Mirela Ktori, from and against  any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my session. 

Methods Used by Mirela Ktori

Mirela Ktori employs hypnosis, her intuitive abilities, and spiritual coaching techniques to facilitate the clients desire for self-improvement.  Specific techniques may include body relaxation, guided meditation, spiritual psychology, past life regression, behavior modification, chakra cleansing, connecting with spirit guides  and intuitive insight.

Sessions are Recorded

All QH services are recorded at no additional charge.  Mirela Ktori does not guarantee the recording will be 100% audible, fully intact, or usable.  Mirela  will not be responsible, nor issue a refund, for non-recording, defective or damaged recordings.  Further, the client gives permission to use some of the session material in print or discussion.  Mirela guarantees if she uses the information in print or discussion it will not be used in conjunction with the clients name or personal information without further written permission from the client.

(All clients are required to sign this disclaimer and waiver of liability prior to commencing the session.)

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